1910 McKeen Motor Car

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1910 McKeen Motor Car

Listed as National Historic Landmark

One of Nevada’s most significant historic treasures is now the nation’s newest historic landmark with action from the United States Department of the Interior. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar listed the McKeen Motor Car at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City as a National Historic Landmark. The McKeen motor car in Carson City is the nation’s only survivor of its kind that is able to move under its own power. Approximately 160 McKeen motor cars were built from 1905 to 1920. Nevada’s example of the McKeen motor car served on the famed Virginia and Truckee Railway after the turn of the 20th century. Once retired in 1945, the vehicle was converted into restaurant and then retail space in Carson City. In 1995 it was donated to the Nevada State Railroad Museum, where staff spent 14 years restoring the vehicle.


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